Customary First Introduction-y Post

Customary First Introduction-y Post


Okay so… it’s been ages since I’ve last kept a diary. And I won’t start doing it now, since this will be a journal. Yeah yeah, big difference I know. But anyway.

Like I said in my About Me I write in a print journal and then I’ll copy it here. To me writing by hand is somehow… more honest? Plus there is no going back and writing something different. And our handwriting is more personal. You can kinda see how a person felt while writing those words. With a computer? Everything looks the same.

I haven’t written this piece in my journal btw. Because it wouldn’t make a lot of sense, now would it?

Also my new journal isn’t here yet. I plan on keeping two. One for just writing stuff (mostly stories and the like) – that one is here. And the other for self reflection.

There are a lot of journal writing prompts out there. Although at the same time there aren’t enough out there.

I’ve written down some and put them in a glas (see picture above) just like I’ve seen on Wearefarfromnormal. My prompts are for adults though. Of course. Since I’m an adult. Most of the time.

Anyway… there are a lot of prompts that may help you with your mental health and right now I have a friend who is in a very bad place. I’ve decided to make a prompt selection for her as well and gift it to her together with a notebook with some very nice paper. I don’t know if she’ll like it or not, but at least it’ll show her that I think of her and care for her. And sometimes that’s more important than every thing else.

But I won’t only be using writing prompts, I think. I’ll write about what’s going on in my head at the moment without a prompt if that’s what I feel I need to do.

I would love to get some writing prompts or challenges from you!

I’d like to know your favourite bloggers as well.

And I’m always, always interested in what you have to say about my writings.

Why can’t my new notebook be here now? I want to start right now. Patience is a virtue…? I don’t know. Doesn’t feel like it right now. But oh well. I’ll have to wait either way.


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